About FuradeiraSoftware

FuradeiraSoftware is a company project that develops software to improve people's lives.

It does not want to be like the existing companies in the sector. When software companies use up a lot of propaganda, names, sophisticated logos and dubious results, FuradeiraSoftware is a reaction in favor of what really matters: solutions to help you.

We are committed to the quality of our solutions. Our name and our brand is purposeful. We use the principle of counter-advertising to not create false expectations. In fact, we create a negative expectation. Thus, we focus our efforts to provide true quality when we develop.

Our intention is to surprise against the low expectations caused by the brand. Moreover, we intend to act with full transparency. We know software projects evolve over time, are not ideal for its release, but improve and evolve with the support of interested users themselves.

FuradeiraSoftware is a new way of creating IT solutions and disseminate them. We develop solutions to improve the people's lives. We include ourselves among them. Check out our projects and systems already available on our official website https://furadeirasoftware.com

Get our apps. Comment them and let us know what you want. Let us improve them so that they can make your life easier and better.

Another way to support our projects is simply using them to get their benefits. We have some paid features. Use them if it worths to you.

Write us to express your support and let us know.

Currently, FuradeiraSoftware is one developer, hundreds of ideas and the support of many users ... :)

We hope you will be the next to join the team. Join us at this new way to use and create solutions.

We are FuradeiraSoftware!


In Brazil you can make a pix using this image:

You can also use our Pix Key: furadeirasoftware@gmail.com


Suggestions, observations, compliments, complaints. Send us an email and let us know how your relationship with our systems has been:






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