• Mission: erradicate diseases's cases caused by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. Join us.
  • Geographic aid to Environmental Rural Register via cellphone GPS
  • Try FuraCAR in its free version


We are just starting to publish our projects. To sum it up they are intended to assist you in traffic, with the government, with your company, with your health. We hope they can help you, then maybe you will be our user. If the identification is too much, then we could be partners. We develop software to improve people's lives. Transparency is our premise. Support us by knowing and using our solutions.


FuradeiraSoftware is a software company which uses the counter-advertising as a means to provoke and focus efforts on the quality of its solutions. We create software that helps people. Become a FuradeiraSoftware partner purchasing our software, disseminating and accessing our systems.


Our first application assists the farmers to register geographical layers needed to the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR in portuguese). It is not available to your region yet.



Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever are serious diseases that can lead us to death.

FuraAedes is the FuradeiraSoftware's Android application designed to help us maping threats and encouraging action. More than identifying and denouncing, action is needed.

The application makes the user especially aware of periodic threats, which need to be checked frequently.

Alerts are issued as notifications so the user will not forget about taking the action needed to resolve the threats.

The application also has a smart analyzer, which considers the life cycle of the mosquito to alert the user about the risks that are around.

Do not let a threat become a breeder. Do not let a breeding place become a mosquito spot. Do not allow Aedes Aegypti transmit diseases to you, your family and friends. Count on the help of FuraAedes. Check out the application details:

Disponível no Google Play


Rural properties in all Brazilian states need to be adequate to the New Forest Code. The Rural Environmental Registry is an important government tool to ensure the adequate use of natural resources in rural properties in Brazil.

There are several GIS tools available to make the registration. However, in some cases satellite images are not appropriate to the cadastre and demarcation directly from the site may be necessary.

Thinking about it, FuradeiraSoftware has developed FuraCAR, the Android application that is yet another tool available for demarcating the geographical layers of The Rural Environmental Registry - CAR (Cadastro Ambiental Rural).

The application allows the layers demarcation using the mobile GPS. Generates KML and Shapefile files that can be imported into government systems. Allows editing directly on the map and also calculates the demarcated area.

Check out more about the application's details (exclusive for Brazil):

Disponível no Google Play

FuraCAR Free


Now you can try out the FuraCAR application through FuraCAR Free.

The Application allows the registration of properties and the demarcation of the geographic layers required by the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR).

Experience the features of FuraCAR and evaluate its usefulness.

The demarcated layers can also be viewed and edited on the map.

Click the link to check out more about this app:

Disponível no Google Play
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